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07 March 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Bordem = Obsessions  
Finally a free Saturday, of doing nothing...absolutely nothing. However, instead of being a productive college student and catching up on homework/assignments Im on LJ. Only because i haven't posted in a while. LOL. And because I haven't gotten my paycheck so no shopping for me. =(

Lately I've had four obsessions. I have more but these definitely are the top.

1) Youtube! I LOVE youtube. It's been the most visited site for the past few weeks. I LOVE being able to watch everything I love. From tv shows, to movies, to music...its simply a wonderful site. I hate how they can't play some songs though because of copyright rules. =/ Anyways I also love watching people do covers. RIN ON THE ROX. They are wonderful...but before they went on Ellen. Hopefully their original songs will be great too. And Gabe Bonduc! I think he's so cute and sings so good! I found a video where he sings John Mayer's gravity, squee. Anyone have any other suggestions to watch?

2) Twilight- Not crazy obsessed but I DO love this fandom. Mostly E/B and J/A. And of course the actors who played them. I've been reading some fanfics and they're SOOOO good. It reminded me of the OTH fandom when I lived for fanfics. I'm excited for the DVD to come out. And I have yet to buy the last three books so I can reread all of them again, but I will soon! yay.

3) TLC & HGTV- If I ever watch TV, most of the time it's on these two channels. Design to Sell's John Gidding, is the hottest man on HGTV. He reminds me of Jason Thompson *Swoon* and John's designs are my dreams. I want to live in a house designed only by him. Man is a genius. And TLC? Jon and Kate plus 8 anyone? Kate can be a little crazy, but those kids are darn cute. And can I PLEASE have my hair and make up done by Nick Arrojo and Carmindy? They are wonderful.

4) Maxie & Johnny- Sadly I stopped watching GH after Scrubs got married, only because I knew somehow after the angst would start cause really, on a any tv show especially a soap, which couple has a happy story after their wedding? Anyways, I caught one episode before feb sweeps and saw JoMax. BB and KS have awesome chemistry. Thank god for YOUTUBE (i love you! haha) because I just searched for Maxie/Johnny clips and viola! That's the only way I keep up with them because I can't stand watching the whole show. Anyways, i've been watching them through youtube and clips and they are LOVE. I wish they would continue with them, but knowing GH it sure isn't going to happen soon. Im trying to find a board/fanfics for them but I haven't come across anything promising. But there are definitely some good vids of them, again on Youtube hehehe.
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